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UTEC : Potable Water Generator

June 23rd, 2013 by Bibhuti | Email This                      

The application period for 2013 was about to open, so UTEC, The University of Engineering and Technology, needed a solution to get students interested in applying for an engineering program. Nowadays, getting teenagers’ attention is quite difficult even for brands in the entertainment segment like PlayStation so imagine being an Engineering University trying to do it.

UTEC believes that engineering can change the world, so we decided to start by changing a local problem. Lima is the second largest capital in the world set on a desert, so the lack potable water is a huge problem. Having in mind that the presence of rain is almost zero, but at the same time the atmospheric humidity is about 98%, this inspired us to build the first billboard that produces drinking water out of air.

Agency: Mayo DraftFCB, Lima, Peru
Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar
Creative Directors: Alejandro Aponte, Juan Donalisio
Art Director: Juan Donalisio
Copywriter: Alejandro Aponte
Video Editors: Mayra Carbone, Diego Santillan
Music: Santiago Rámirez / Audiopost

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